Winter Moving Guide
Outlines how clients can prepare for a stress-free move, despite the hash winter weather. Contains helpful tips and a checklist, Five College Movers responsibilities and client responsibilities.  


Stress-Free Moving Tips!

Non-Allowable List
Items Five College Movers cannot transport including Hazardous and Perishable. Although allowable, we recommend that the client move Personal items.

Local Moving Service Guide
Outlines Full Service Moving (Movers and Truck) provided by Five College Movers.

Box Labeling Guide
How to properly and efficiently label your boxes and prepare for FCM’s arrival.

Moving Labor (Loading/Unloading) Service Guide
Outlines Five College Movers Loading/Unloading services.

Moving Day! | What To Expect
A quick guide summarizing what to expect on moving day.

Full Pack Guide
Outlines Full Packing Services provided by FCM.