Winter Moving Guide

The harsh, unpredictable weather conditions – and general mood of the season – can make moving in the winter incredibly challenging. That’s why Five College Movers has created a guide to help prepare clients for a Stress-Free winter move with us. This handy counsel serves to outline steps we will take on your behalf to carry out a smooth move, as well as the responsibilities of the client to allow us to ensure the move’s ease.

Rescheduling…If your move needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather, we will get your move done as soon as possible once we determine it is safe to operate. Five College Movers will remain in constant contact with the client during a winter weather event.

Five College Movers will:

  • Watch Weather – We will keep a close eye on the weather, and update you of any possible delays or rescheduling due to weather issues.
  • Protect Your Floors – Both wooden floors and carpets will be covered extensively to prevent possible damage from the weather we carry in from outside – salt, sand, or wetness from precipitation.

To ensure a Stress-Free Move, the client should:

  • Shovel, Sand and Clear Walkways – Please shovel, sand and clear all walkways that would be used in the moving process, both at pickup and delivery locations. This can include upkeep during the day of the move, if snow or ice develops.
  • Arrange Parking – Please arrange parking, as well as safe and clear access for the movers in the form of a walkway at both locations.

**please note: without these two responsibilities carried out on the client’s end, it is much harder for Five College Movers to carry out a Stress-Free move for you**