8|15|2014 Local Moving Review- Amherst, MA

On August 15th, Five College Movers helped Meg H. of Amherst move a ping pong table out of the basement of one residence and into another. The table had to be disassembled in order to fit out of the doorway and reassembled at the new location. ” Everything went smoothly; team arrived on date as […]

8|9|2014 Local Moving Review – Chicopee,MA

On August 9th, James and Erich helped Diane D move items from her storage facility in Chicopee to her Chicopee residence. ” Five College Movers responded to my quote request immediately. When the contract was signed and the date was firmed there were multiple follow up calls to address any questions I may have and […]

5/31/2014 Local Moving Review | Northampton- Greenfield

May 31st was a very busy day for Five College Movers, with 13 moves and eight trucks! Dylan and Nate W. started their day by helping My N. move his one bedroom apartment in Northampton to Greenfield.Despite the busy day, moving was still “a breeze” according to My, who said that he “couldn’t believe how […]

5/31/2014 Local Moving Review- Northampton- Florence

On May 31st Jose, JJ, and Tanner helped Linda B. pack kitchen items, as well as numerous pictures and moved her from her one bedroom apartment in Northampton to Florence. The guys were “personable, cheerful,energetic, and organized as they packed”. With some narrow doorways at the Florence location, the guys were still able to fit […]

5/31/2014 Local Moving Review – Amherst, MA

On May 25th Dylan, James, and Mike moved items from Ellen G’s Amherst apartment to a nearby barn to store for a week before she was able to move into her new apartment. On May 31st Mike B. and Kyle returned to finish the move and executed it in a “timely manner” being both “courteous […]