A “Jacked” Stress Free Experience With Five College Movers

Jaime Sifers, a client moved twice by Five College Movers, calls our movers “big, jacked, awesome guys” when asked about his experience. When pressed on why exactly were they awesome, Jaime went on to explain: “They were just great – on time, efficient, didn’t mess around. I move a lot, twice a year usually. It’s just a […]

Five College Movers Makes Any Move “Allll Good”

Felicity Aulino’s voice sounds at ease as she raves about the quality of the service FCM provided her with. On May 26th, Corey, Alex, and Eli helped Ms. Aulino with her 3 bedroom move within Amherst, and she couldn’t believe their cheery countenance – unwavering despite the intense heat and difficulty of the labor. As they […]

5/26 Local Moving Review-Amherst

On May 26th Five College Movers assisted Felicity A. in moving her three bedroom home within Amherst. Felicity remarked that ” Corey, Alex, and Eli are the best! On time and steady working, careful with our belongings,cheerful and professional. A total pleasure to move!”

5/26 Local Moving Review – Hadley

On 5/26 Five College Movers crew members Omar, Patrick, and Kyle assisted a local school in packing and moving items from its 2nd floor and transporting them to its new location in Sunderland. Five College Movers will complete the move on June 15th. Kenneth D. said that the  movers were ” Professional, (with) great attitudes.” […]

5/23 – Local Moving Review – Springfield, MA

On May 23rd Matt and Alex assisted Five College Movers client Paul M. in moving his one bedroom apartment from Springfield to Enfield, Ct. Paul said that ” Matt and Alex were professional, efficient, and friendly” in completing his move.