Testimonials from Five College Movers Clients.

5/2/2016- Local Moving Review – Shutesbury, MA

On May 2nd 2016 Five College Movers crew members Austin, Samuel, and Daniel helped client Steve W. move from Shutesbury, MA to Hampden, ME. The move was spread out over two days with the crew packing up Steve’s kitchen on May 2nd. Once the packing was completed Austin and Samuel loaded Steve’s belongings into the truck and […]

Why Our Stress-Free Reputation?

Because the Five College Movers team is trained – by experience and by each other  – to support and ease the tension that can be associated with the process of moving. Joanne G., moved January 23rd by Five College Movers Corey and Danny, explained to me how their demeanor was a tremendous factor in what made […]

What Makes Our Movers So Knowledgeable? Experience.

From the minute I began speaking to D. Rosenberg (moved 1/4/15), she could not stop expressing her admiration, gratitude, and awe at the Five College Movers team (Omar, Stuart, and Daniel) who came out to make her move smooth, easy, and stress-free… “They really know their stuff. They were great; they were professional. They staged […]

Stress-Free Professionality

We didn’t coin the hashtag #StressFreeStyle for nothing. Five College Mover’s style has a reputation for our professionality: our organization habits leading up to your move (keeping you updated on our role, on your expectations, and on the process), our respectfulness and consideration on site, and our ability to lighten the setting of any move […]

Five College Movers Takes Care

Five College Movers approaches the items in every move for our clients with the assumption that they are precious and deeply cared for, and must be treated as such. We understand the moving process can be stressful for many reasons, but one of the most important being the care and attention given to the state and […]