1/30/15 – Local Moving Review – within Chicopee

Teri R. reached out to Five College Movers looking for help to move her one bedroom place worth of household items to her new place in Chicopee. The two man crew of Corey & Matt received a satisfying review from our client. Here is what she had to say “Cory and Matt were very knowledgeable and […]

1/29/15 – Local Moving Review – 4 Bedroom within Sunderland

Suzanne W. contacted Five College Movers to help move her 4+ bedroom place within Sunderland. The crew of Lou, Louis, Matt, & Alex met Suzanne at her home in Sunderland and loaded up two trucks worth of household goods along with carefully packing multiple lamps and other fragile items for her.  Suzanne said she had a great […]

1/28/15 – Local Moving Review – within Springfield

FCM was contacted by Jeanette G. to move her two bedroom apartment from Devans St in Springfield to her new place in Indian Orchard. Erich, Louis, & Matt arrived in Springfield to help move Jeanette’s belongings. The crew of three had her packed up and ready to go after loading the truck and carefully packing some of her important […]

1/26/15 – Local Moving Review – Springfield to Wilbraham

Janet contacted Five College Movers about moving her 2 bedroom home from Springfield to Wilbraham. The crew of Erich and Corey met Janet at her home in Springfield and delivered her house hold goods to her new home in Wilbraham along with an additional delivery to a storage center in Hampden. Here is what Janet had to say about her Stressfree Moving experience. […]

1/21/15 – Moving Labor in Agawam

Katherine W. reached out to Five College Movers to help move a new piece of machinery that was delivered to their home in Agawam. The three man crew of Corey, Louis, & Dylan met Katherine in Agawam and safely and efficiently moved a 500 lb steel compressor into the basement of their workshop.  Katherine was satisfied with the […]