Five College Movers Makes Any Move “Allll Good”



Felicity Aulino’s voice sounds at ease as she raves about the quality of the service FCM provided her with. On May 26th, Corey, Alex, and Eli helped Ms. Aulino with her 3 bedroom move within Amherst, and she couldn’t believe their cheery countenance – unwavering despite¬†the intense heat and difficulty of the labor. As they trekked up and down the stairs, “they were nothing but happy to help” she recalls. “It totally sucks to move. But as soon as they [FCM movers] arrived, it was alll good.” Ms. Aulino says she was “speechless” at how chipper the help she received was – and couldn’t stop mentioning, in awe, how absolutely nothing was damaged in the move. “They were incredibly great to be around, and just professional in service. They seemed happy to do it, and I am happy I hired them.”