1/21/15 – Moving Labor in Agawam

Katherine W. reached out to Five College Movers to help move a new piece of machinery that was delivered to their home in Agawam.

The three man crew of Corey, Louis, & Dylan met Katherine in Agawam and safely and efficiently moved a 500 lb steel compressor into the basement of their workshop.  Katherine was satisfied with the crews work and had some great things to say about the gentlemen who helped.

I could not be more pleased with my experience with the gentlemen who came to help me, this afternoon. My partner and I had a large piece of equipment we needed put in the shop and the fellows who came were very positive about the nature of the project and patient with the conditions, which are far from ideal. I am also quite satisfied with the speed at which they worked and their patience in our having to assemble the table the clicker is supposed to go on in the middle of moving both these items into the shop” – (Katherine W.)

Thanks Katherine!