Winter Moving Tips & Checklist

Moving in the Winter can be challenging due to harsh, unpredictable weather. Proper planning and preparation for your winter move is essential to ensure a safe, efficient and stress-free moving experience.

Five College Movers will watch the weather and keep you updated of schedule changes. Provide extra material to pad and wrap your items, and extra floor protection at both locations. 

Winter Moving Tips

> Bundle Up: Dress in layers. Wear a winter hat and comfortable, warm gloves.

> Be Prepared: Gather shovels, sand and ice melter. Prepare safe parking & walkways for the movers.

> Have a Backup Plan: Coordinate a backup moving date with Five College Movers.

> Be Cautious: Don’t rush! Take your time when walking around, driving, etc.

Follow Five College Movers Winter Moving Tips & Checklist for a Stress-Free Winter Move.

Follow Five College Movers Winter Moving Tips & Checklist for a Stress-Free Winter Move.

Winter Moving Checklist

1 Week Before Move

  • Keep a close eye on the weather. You will be contacted by Five College Movers if the move date/time needs to be adjusted, but feel free to contact us anytime. 
  • Confirm Utilities will be on through your move out date at the pickup location, and during the move in at the delivery location.
  • Have shovels, sand and ice melter ready. Even if the weather looks good, be prepared for a last minute storm. 
  • Arrange for or plan snow removal at the delivery end prior to the movers arriving with a full truck. 

2 Days Before Move

  • Five College Movers will call to confirm the date and time of your move. At this point, any possible scheduling issues will be discussed.

Day Before Move

  • Five College Movers will text you to confirm the date and time of your move. This text will also contain a link to our Moving Tips and FAQ’s page.
  • Make sure the moving crew will have a safe place to park, and a safe shoveled path to your home. 
  • Confirm snow removal and prep for the movers has occurred at the delivery location.

Day of Move

  • Ensure conditions remain safe. Clients are responsible to remove any falling snow or developing ice throughout the day.
  • Keep doors open, or have someone opening/closing the doors for the movers when they enter/exit your home.
  • Bundle up and take it slow!
  • Be patient. Our movers will work as safely and efficiently as possible.

It is the Clients responsibility to arrange and prepare safe, shoveled parking and walkways at all locations where work is being performed. Our movers cannot remove snow or ice, nor will they bring equipment to do so.