Pat @ FCM on Article About Movers

@PatrickMacW Founder/CEO of @5CollegeMovers – My mom emailed me an article today titled “8 Things Movers Don’t Want You to Know.”. While there is some great advice in the article, I wanted to point out that any legitimate mover, such as Five College Movers, makes sure every client is well informed and taken care of. Most movers aren’t out to get you! We’re here to help! The more informed our clients are, the easy the move will be for them and the crew on moving day. I added my thoughts to the article below. Feel free to contact me with any questions!– Pat @ FCM

1. Service Should Be Quick
Of course! A well equipped crew is a quick, efficent and safe crew. With that said, to get the job done right movers must take time and care to wrap furniture in blankets and shrink wrap and safely pack the truck. Every crew that Five College Movers sends out is uniformed, trained and equipped. And since each moving situation is unique, our crews meet before the job to review the specifics of each client’s move.

2. Save Money By Disassembling Furniture Yourself
The level of service provided by the mover is up to the client. Five College Movers arrives equipped (hand tools and power drill) and prepared to take apart/assemble furniture as needed. Some clients choose to take apart furniture ahead of time, some use our tools while our movers concentrate on other items.

3. Get an In-Home Quote
In-Home estimates are extremely important. Five College Movers offers estimates free and with no obligation! During the estimate, we provide our clients with:
Full Service Moving: What’s Included
License/Insurance Information
– Our rates, availability
– An estimate and a not to exceed price

4. Make That ‘Quotes,’ Plural
Get as many in-home estimates as you can. As with any product or service, going with the lowest price isnt always the best choice. In addition to price, compare movers on: What’s included, License/Insurance Info, Etc.

5. Check Their Credentials
Five College Movers provides every client with our License & Insurance information during every estimate. You can also look-up movers here to check their authority. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Search By Company Name, DOT or MC #, Click link. (If they don’t show up, they don’t exist!)
2. Click the “License/Insurance” link in the top right corner.
3. On the next page, click “Report” in the top right corner.
4. On the report page (PDF Format), you want to make sure the mover has ACTIVE status under common authority and a YES next to household goods.

6. Take Pictures of All Your Property

Our movers are careful handling all items, we always ask clients if they have any items they are specifically concerned about. The crew is alerted of these items specifically prior to the move during their pre-move meeting. It is also important for our clients to select the appropriate insurance option for their move. We review the options and intricacies of them with each and every client. Our two insurance options can be viewed here.

7. Protect Your Walls and Floors
Floor coverings and door jamb protectors are included standard and with no extra cost! The first thing we do when we arrive for a move is lay down carpet runners, install door jamb protectors and cover banisters with pads. Additionally, on the outside chance that FCM does track in some dirt or mud to your home, we bring brooms and mops to sweep up at the end of the job.

8. Do Your Homework
The most important thing is to get in-home estimates. Make sure whoever you talk to is licensed and insured. Go with a company you are comfortable with! Check on company’s Facebook Page or Twitter account. Look at pictures, see what there crew is like, how they care for belongings, etc.